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Arema Arega Cuban artist: singer-songwriter, music producer, painter, fashion designer and filmmaker. Havana Cultura, Gille Peterson, Bahama Soul Club, Club des Belugas, Ashley Beedle, Sammy Stein, Women in Jazz, New York Jazz Film Festival, Semifinalist International Songwriting Competition, The Red Soundtracks, Música Cubana, Jazz, Soul, World Music, Cuban Jazz, Latin Jazz, Latin Soul, Trip Hop, bandas sonoras, Ropa Funky, Arte y fashion.

Not many musicians present you with a film-noir story line as well as their album, but then not everybody is Arema Arega. The Cuban singer-songwriter, designer and painter currently living in Barcelona. She is a huge talent”

Sammy Stein Something Else Reviews

I came across Arema's music via Havana Cultura - an initiative dedicated to promoting authentic Cuban culture. We collaborated on 'Havana Cultura: The Search Continues' and I was blown away by her vocal delivery and songwriting. An amazing talent.”

Gilles Peterson, Gilles Peterson Bandcamp collection

The lilting elegance of Arema Arega's "Ay", meanwhile, updates the island's acoustic traditions in winning style.”

Neil Spencer, The Guardian


Arema Arega, Voronezh, 1979, is a cuban-ethiopian singer-songwriter, music producer, painter, fashion designer and filmmaker, resident in Barcelona. Her work has been included in the compilation of the English DJ and producer Gilles Peterson, Havana Cultura Anthology and in the albums of the German groups Bahama Soul Club (The Cuban Tapes, The Havana´58, The Havana Remixes and Bohemia After Dawn), Club des Belugas (Nine and How to Avoid Difficult Situations), Colin Curtis Presents Jazz Dance Fusion Vol.3. , Radio Gladys Palmera Compilation by Andy Grey, Get Physical .... She has collaborated with Pauza, Monkey Safari, Born74, Jorge Iván Martín, Regis Molina, TheEEs... Her personal project The Soundtracks are Albums & Singles connected by her cinematic vision. She was one of the Winners of the VII Ibermúsica Prize for Composers, as audiovisual director has been selected for the New York Jazz Film Festival, Toronto International Women Film Festival, Near Nazareth Festival, Hollywood Art and Movie Awards, New York Independent Cinema Awards, 8 & Halfilm Awards (Rome), Florence Film Awards and Stockholm Film Television Festival, among others.

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