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Do it - Arema Arega (Making of)
arema arega

Do it - Arema Arega (Making of)

https://Follow me on / Sígueme en: Spotify: on BANDCAMP: A single including 2 songs  "DO IT" and "SAI SAI" Released worldwide on Dec 7 The Story behind the release .... Well I was talking with a person very close to me...that I don't see quite often, but when we do ..we have very deep conversations..This time a question aroused...that became a proposal: Have you ever sang like the animal in you? So this was the beginning of DO IT... 11th Single of THE BLUE SOUNDTRACKS - Electronic Life "The wild animal in us needs to run and be free. Sometimes it's about one decision "Do it" ....." About the video: The video has the footages and the actual sound of the recording. I usually don't film this process, because I don't like the idea of having the camera pointing at me, when I just want to let myself go. I made the song starting with the vocals. It was meant to be an acapella until I felt that it needed instruments, so I added them, but the feeling was to let the voice show me the way. Thank you :) Lyrics / Music / Arrangement / Vocals / Mix / Master/ Animation / Video : Arema Arega Male (Backing) Vocals: Daniel Francis- Berenson #Breakbeat #TripHop #Soul #Acapella Thank you for your support I made the #Animation using #AffinityDesigner
Dark is a colour too - Arema Arega (FREE Set Jazz Acapella) #JazzAcapella
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