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"A Limited Edition Vinyl, only 50 copies. It was my way of making my own movie. Cinema noir, suspense, the exoticism of the latin rhythms, stories of the city that came into my life as songs, melodies, lyrics and noises, all those beautiful and sometimes imperceptible, noises that are the soul of my album." Recorded in Barcelona, Spain.

released February 7, 2019



The Red Soundtracks Vinyl, Limited Edition

"The release of a triple vinyl set with a selection of twenty-three emblematic tracks celebrates eight years of musical research and experimentation featuring Cuba’s musical avant-garde under the curation of Gilles Peterson with the backing of the Havana Cultura project.

an initiative to showcase and support Cuban creativity"


released November 18, 2016

12. Ay – Arema Arega


Vinyl Havana Cultura Antology, Gilles Peterson

"After the immense success of Volume Two, it was only right we get Colin back. Here we find Colin gathering the essence of the last 15 months, reflecting the positivity and feedback from his previous compilations for ZR and his Worldwide FM show.

Jazz Dance Fusion Volume 3 is a combination of tracks that had previously evaded a release on vinyl and a reflection of the reaction that the new music was getting in his DJ sets and Radio show. The whole purpose of these compilations is to introduce you to fantastic talent to allow you to then go and explore all their works and keep this movement moving!"



22. Born 74, Arema Arega - En Las Calles de Rio

released March 4, 2022


COLIN CURTIS VOLUME 3 Jazz Dance Fusion Vinyl

"Gladys Palmera compiled by Andy Grey es una energizante mezcla de ritmos latinos y sonidos periféricos. Diez canciones que simbolizan los puntos fuertes de los nuevos tiempos en la música latina. Una caja de sonidos tropicales enlazados por Andy Grey, DJ residente de Gladys Palmera y una de las productoras que ya están vislumbrando cómo serán las discotecas del futuro

Los venezolanos Raúl Monsalve y Los Forajidos, la mexicana Pahua, la cubana Arema Arega, las propuestas colombianas de Las Mijas y Lucio Feuillet, las escenas mestizas de Madrid, Paris y Berlin (más un Live de La Perla), ofrecen una visión muy completa de un continente y una generación en constante ebullición musical. "


3.5. Arema Arega - I saw you in the wind 

released June 24, 2022

Radio Gladys Palmera Vinilos, Vinyl Compilation
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