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Updated: Dec 11, 2023


  1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

  2. The drawing in of breath; inhalation.


Inspiration comes, from everywhere, from inside and outside, from happiness and pain, from blue days and dark nights, from friends and family that wish you well or from others wishing you harm. Inspiration is like a spark that starts from the unknown and becomes what it will be and we as creators need to be aware of its power. We need to listen carefully, because ideas come like whispers. They are drawn in thin air and they may get lost if we don't find the time to catch them.

IMPROVISATION It's good to wait for the blessing of being Inspired while practising Improvisation, that is like a mantra to call the Creative Energy. BEING INSPIRED Being Inspired is like a state of Grace. It changes our mood and it may feel like we are floating with the ideas rushing through our senses like a river.

THE CONNECTION Even when we may feel that Inspiration comes from outside, it's very important to keep connected with ourselves, to be truthful allowing our real feelings to guide us through the CREATIVE PROCESS is always a game changer. DON'T STOP THE FLOW Patiently allowing the Creation to manifest itself without judgment should be the focus of a productive session. EDITING We can always go back and edit what we've made, but if we do it while it's happening we may lose the connection, getting stuck without finishing the idea.

TIPS TO FIND IDEAS AND INSPIRATION For those looking for a starting point I will give you some of the resources I use to Create songs, stories and other projects. Knowing that Storytelling is one of the cores for human connection and that most of the time everything is made by the same visible patterns, which repeat again an again.


  • Answering deep questions.

  • Listening to others and finding out their needs and dreams.

  • Seeking solutions to community and personal problems from different perspectives.

  • Accepting the unexpected.

  • Being patient and thankful in every moment that life gives us.

  • Choosing meaningful statements over easy ones.

  • Looking back carefully into the little details and hints that life may have shown us.

  • Travelling.

  • Looking out to nature and breathing in.

  • Reading, watching films, listening to music, finding new things.


  • Talking to myself in front of the mirror.

  • Humming melodies without judging them, if they sound good or bad it doesn't matter.

  • Repeating words to create rhythmic and melodic patterns. Grooving with the groove!


  • Allowing myself to believe and describe fictional places, situations and characters.

  • Acting as the characters, using their voices to guide me and write about their reality.


  • For SEO copywriting it's good to know the keywords the target audience of the Brand uses to search for a product, service or a similar brand and the reasons why they do it, so we can write about it, using a familiar voice.


  • What I've learned about coding is that the best way is to start with an idea that solves the problem of many in a very simple way.

  • Modular thinking can be also applied to life in general. It's about breaking the problems into sections, like building blocks of manageable solutions.

Charlie Winston playing guitar and singing
CHARLIE WINSTON at LA NAU, Barcelona Nov. 7th 2023


After having the opportunity to see Charlie Winston live in an intimate concert at LA NAU Barcelona, where he was sharing his light and inspiration process with the audience, from his 21st birthday in India to his painful back problems, that he managed to cure after reading a book, which title he couldn't remember, taking us, the audience, on a dreamlike journey to each place or story, while he was only accompanied by his keyboard or guitar, using one foot to play the kick and the other one for the tambourine, like a minstrel from the old times. We sang and listened, we were there for him, because he was there for us, completely. Now I invite you to watch the video and listen to his song, LIKE A HOBO, one of his classics:

GENERAL ADVICE Looking at the creative process across different domains, we can see the importance of staying connected, being patient and truthful to allow Creativity to Flow Naturally.


Having a creative process guide that helps one go through every step always optimizes the results.

I'd like more guides and tips that provide me with the necessary resources to plan my upcoming project.

  • YES

  • NO

I'll be sharing Blog posts about the THE CREATIVE & DEVELOPMENT PROCESS, so follow my blog to read my next ones.

Thank you for reading & Sharing :)

A playlist TO INSPIRE:


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